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OG Instagram APK

Create & share photos, stories, & reels with friends you love

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Name OG Instagram APK
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Size 26 MB
Version 10.14
Update Sep 5, 2023
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OG Instagram APK is the most famous version in the OG Instagram APK series of publisher
Mod Version 10.14

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OG Instagram Download : Latest Version 10.14 , 2024

In today’s discussion, we’ll discuss the newest version of the Instagram app for Android. This app’s namesake indicates it’s functionally comparable to Instagram. This is why the app has succeeded and so many people like it.

The original Instagram app is also referred to as OG Insta +. OGMODS created it to enhance the official Instagram app’s functionality. Photos on the official Instagram account cannot be downloaded, much like videos. However, from this page, you may quickly and conveniently download any media file with a single click.

Bass Og is quite similar to Instagram, but it offers more customization options, which is what ultimately wins over users. The original Instagram is a full-featured social networking platform. It’s simple to use, adaptable to any screen size, and packed with the best, most relevant material for your social network feeds without annoying interruptions.

Not only does it have far more impressive aesthetic elements than Instagram, but it also has additional advantages. Because of its emphasis on visual content, Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular social networking platforms. While that is doable in some cases and with specific sorts of images, the primary distinction between these

The Amazing Feature of This App

OG Instagram MOD APK unlocks many paid enhancements otherwise unavailable in Instagram’s standard release. This incredible software stands out because of its cutting-edge design and innovative functionality. In this article, I’ll elaborate on the fascinating details provided below

 1- Make Use Of Various Accounts

This is a fantastic addition for those who need to juggle many accounts on the same device. Because the original Instagram lets you operate many accounts simultaneously, both versions will send you a notice simultaneously. Because of this, you won’t have to exit your current session before entering the credentials for your second account. Directly signing in to a different charge is as simple as clicking the switch button and choosing your account. Our website now offers a downloadable version of WhatsApp.

2- Different Accounts

To utilize multiple Instagram accounts on the same device without getting your account blocked, you’ll need to download the original Instagram APK because there is a safeguard against being banned in this software. Moreover, Instagram Plus is available for download on our site. This is the most significant Instagram add-on available.

3- Zoom Profile Picture

It’s a cutting-edge and beneficial addition to this software. Due to privacy concerns, the official version does not allow you to access or magnify a person’s profile image. You can, however, zoom in on anyone’s profile photo using the OG Insta Plus app. You only have to double-click to zoom in on someone’s profile photo. A profile photo can be downloaded and shared in the modified version with other users. You should also get the pink version of YouTube from Google Play.

4- YouTube Video Downloader

Instagram TV is abbreviated as IGTV. Large-format videos are perfect for IGTV, as everyone knows. However, IGTV video downloads are turned off in the main app. And any of the many downloading sites available online is where you’ll need to get it. But have no fear, OG. You may get IGTV through Insta. A download button is as simple as clicking on three dots. You can get the blue APK for YouTube here.

5- Join Facebook

Facebook Connect is another option. Both Instagram mobile applications have access to this function. If you link your Instagram and Facebook accounts, you may now share photos and videos from the Instagram app. You can use an existing Facebook account. Our website also offers a free Instagram Pro download.

6- Downloadable Tales

We are aware that the official Instagram app does not support downloading stories. However, using this modified APK, you may easily download any level you choose. There’s no need to go for it on Google and download it. The Instagram story viewer GB Instagram is also available for download.

7- Indicator to Follow

The “Follow Indicator” function is among the most excellent additions to the original Instagram APK. The correct notice for following and unfollowing was unavailable in the official version. However, this function lets users know who is following or unfollowing them. If someone follows or unfollows your account in this app, you will be notified appropriately. It would be best if you also got the InstaUp APK.

8- Download Audio/Video Files

You may save images and videos without limits and copy text to your clipboard using the most recent version of the OG Instagram APK. Tap the three-dot menu to download an image or video and pick the download option. Then you can watch videos even if you don’t have access to the Internet.

9- Translating a Message

People worldwide utilize their local languages to connect on Instagram, making it one of the world’s most popular social networking applications. However, the primary obstacle to their communication is the linguistic barrier. However, you need not fear; the most recent update to OG Instagram Plus translates messages into your local language automatically.

10- Adapt User’s Profile and Caption

You can only capture a screenshot on the official Instagram app once you’ve reached the stage when you’ve discovered that someone’s bio is highly remarkable and you want to copy it, but you can’t. You can download or reproduce anyone’s bio, written statuses, captions, or any form of text on OG Instagram +, just as you can with their photos and videos. In addition, Whatsapp Lite APK may be downloaded from our site.

Share the URL of a friend’s or family member’s profile image, photo, video, or status update on Instagram Mod with your friends and family or on social media. Select “Copy URL” from the menu after clicking the “More” button.

How to Use OG Instagram Check this Ultimate Guide

Millions of people download Instagram daily, a well-known app worldwide. OG Instagram is one of the newest apps with advanced capabilities that aren’t available in standard apps. It offers many customization possibilities, incentivizing users to use it instead of the official app.

The original Instagram APK is a fantastic program. It’s packed with features that make interacting with your Instagram friends and followers more enjoyable and informative. The actual Instagram, also known as OG Insta, is the app version that a third party updated.

It has several helpful functions that the official app cannot match. Its characteristics are described in great depth. If you continue, you’ll find convincing arguments for downloading this program.

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How to Download and install OG Instagram

The official Instagram app is a fork from different software. It requires permissions to be granted to the mysterious entity in the device’s configuration.

  • Get online and check out Instagram’s original Apk download page.
  • The application download link is provided at the bottom of the page.
  • Put the data in your mobile device’s “downloads” folder.
  • The data transfer has been completed.
  • Ensure you have everything you need to start using the app before you do.
  • In the settings, go ahead and grant access to the unknown source.
  • After granting permission, launch the app and sign up for an account.
  • If you already have an account, you may use that instead.

Pros and cons


  • A website or app which permits consumers to publish and share videos and pictures.
  • Get in touch with old pals or meet some new people.
  • Advertise your company or product.
  • Gain sway over people and amass a fan base.
  • Profit: Monetize your efforts by attracting advertisers and sponsors.



  • It may take some time to establish and manage an Instagram account.
  • Cyberbullying and other forms of body shaming contribute to the potentially poisonous atmosphere.
  • Data collecting and privacy concerns.
  • Habit forming, encouraging excessive viewing.
  • The fear of harm, especially among the young.

Frequently Asked Question

What are OG Instagram features?

You can do anything on Instagram—access your account, post photographs, follow other users, and so on—with an unauthorized Instagram client. The significant distinction is that you may now download videos and pictures from Instagram.

Can you buy Instagram followers?

Instagram followers may be purchased from various sources, and the prices vary accordingly. But these followers are usually fake, consisting of bots or dormant accounts that won’t interact with your profile. Your engagement rate will remain constant even if you get many followers.


The OG app is one of the most popular and valuable Instagram add-ons, allowing users even more fun with the service. Compared to the original app, this impressive alternative offers far more functionality. Because it is anti-banned and entirely secure, users need not worry about downloading it.

Information stored on your phone is safe and secure, and no harmful features are included. This unauthorized software enjoys widespread usage throughout the globe. Its demo offers all the same options as the actual app.





OG Instagram APK v10.14 Download (Official) Latest version April 2024
OG Instagram Download Latest Version 2023

OG Instagram is an thirty party mod version of official, easy to use all the additional features and Publish own Photos, Videos ,Reels.

Operating System: Android 1.6

Application Category: App

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