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Name GB WhatsApp Pro
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GB WhatsApp Pro is the most famous version in the GB WhatsApp Pro series of publisher Alex Mods
Mod Version Latest Version

Whats New

• You can now send higher resolution images in chat. To get started, tap the ‘HD’ button when previewing media before sending.
• Screen sharing is now supported in video calls. Start a video call and tap on the new “screen share” button to get started.

These features will roll out over the coming weeks. Thanks for using WhatsApp!
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GB WhatsApp Pro APK Download: Latest Version 17.60, Features, and Installation Guide (2024)

In the steadily developing universe of texting, GB WhatsApp Expert APK stands apart as a famously changed variant of the first WhatsApp courier. Assuming you’re looking for a component-pressed option in contrast to the standard WhatsApp experience, GB WhatsApp Star offers plenty of energizing functionalities and upgrades that are certain to improve your informing experience.

The Best in Class We’re discussing the freshest rendition of GB WhatsApp Expert, which has been cleaned flawlessly since 2023. It has all that you love about WhatsApp, yet with energizing additional items and changes that take your correspondence to an unheard-of level. Bugs? Nah, we crushed them! With our most recent update, we’ve ensured this application is all around as smooth as margarine

What is GB WhatsApp Pro and its Latest Version?

GB WhatsApp Pro is a reworked version of the original WhatsApp Messenger that gives users a better messaging experience by adding numerous new features and functions. Because of a strategy violation, this modified version is not available on official application stores like the Google Play Store; it might be downloaded from various external sources.

In its latest structure, beginning around 2023, GB WhatsApp Master continues to create and improve with standard updates. To guarantee that clients approach an informing stage that is both smoothed out and enhanced, the GB WhatsApp Ace engineers set forth some of the energy to stay up with the latest elements and bug fixes.

Like past updates, the new variant of GB WhatsApp Genius intends to offer clients novel highlights surpassing the standard WhatsApp application. These updates could integrate better customization decisions, additional security settings, further developed media-sharing limits, and a superior variant.

Feature of GB WhatsApp Pro 

The concept of a beginning but never-ending Circle inspired GB WhatsApp Pro. It would give your instant messaging an infinite amount of dangerous privileges. In any case, the critical aspects of this Mod that will make you fall in love with it at first sight are listed below.

  • WhatsApp Logs
  • WhatsApp Lock
  • Message Scheduler
  • Customization
  • DND Mode
  • Auto Reply
  • Anti-Delete
  • Share Media
  • Status Downloader
  • Freeze last seen
  • Theme store

WhatsApp Logs

With GB WhatsApp Pro, you won’t have to worry about keeping tabs on anyone’s WhatsApp activity since the app’s logs will show you all you need to know, such as the fact that a contact of yours with the last four digits (XXXX) has updated their profile information.

WhatsApp Lock

To use the Mod’s app lock, press the WhatsApp lettering in the app’s upper left corner to bring up options for a Pattern Lock, PIN Lock, or Fingerprint Lock.

 Message Scheduler

It can now send preplanned greetings for special occasions, including holidays, anniversaries, management, and business days. Schedule your messages in advance with GB WhatsApp Pro, and forget about remembering specific dates.


Thousands of professionally designed themes are included with GB WhatsApp Pro, and there are also hundreds of free customization options for those who want to make their WhatsApp experience unique.

DND Mode

This is an excellent feature of GB WhatsApp Pro, quickly becoming your favorite WhatsApp Mod. You may temporarily silence WhatsApp alerts by turning off your internet connection entirely at that time.

Auto Reply

Auto Reply’s helpful settings allow you to automate your entire communication in this modded version, reflecting the growing importance of automation in visions of the future AI-based world.


You will no longer have messages automatically removed if the recipient reads them before you do. The message’s deletion won’t prevent you from reading it. The same is true for Statuses. Your contacts’ statuses will no longer be erased automatically, although you may still view them if they were deleted more than 24 hours ago. The “one” status can be removed automatically once 24 hours have passed.

Share Media

More media and documents may be sent between users in this mode compared to standard WhatsApp. More than 15 MB of video and 100 MB of audio can be sent to your contacts in this way.

Status Downloader

This modification eliminates the need to use an external popularity saver. Select the fame you wish to save from the gallery, then click the download icon that appears underneath the fame itself.

Freeze last seen

This mod will allow you to lock in your ultimate visibility so that no one will be able to determine when it actually occurred.

Theme store

This modification includes a topic shop stocked with several eye-catching and useful additions. You are able to integrate any of these topics into your app.

Difference between WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp Pro APK

FeaturesWhatsAppGB WhatsApp Pro
Direct MessageYesNo
File Sending Limit999 MB100 MB
Themes StoreYesNo
Forwarding LimitUnlimitedLimited
Security LockYesNo
Download StatusYesNo
Status Length255139
Bulk MessageYesNo
Icon ChangeYesNo
Custom FontYesNo
Freeze Last SeenYesNo
Always OnlineYesNo
Hide Blue TicksYesNo
Multi-App Language SupportYesNo
Typing StatusYesNo
Send Web Images DirectlyYesNo
Second TickYesNo
Hide Media From GalleryYesNo
Send Images in Full resolution.YesNo
DND ModeYesNo
Emoji VariantsYesNo


Benefits of GB WhatsApp Pro over Regular WhatsApp

Personalization in Abundance

With GB WhatsApp Expert, you are allowed to customize your conversations. Say goodbye to the usual worn-out appearance on standard WhatsApp. You can change the visit air pockets and add fabulous printed endlessly styles to your discussion interface with GB WhatsApp Master. It looks like furnishing your conversations with a sprinkle of character

Be a chat ninja in stealth mode

Security is essential, correct? GB WhatsApp Star allows you to go unnoticed with its secretive elements. It is possible to conceal your online status and the infamous blue ticks. Peruse messages without setting off read receipts, and take as much time as necessary to answer secretly. We adore this clever move

No more limits on file sizes

Typical WhatsApp can be a grouch with its record size limits. The GB WhatsApp Expert, on the other hand, declares. When you can share files up to 2 GB, it’s like entering a new world of seamless file sharing. Send all of those high-quality documents, videos, and photos with ease

Farewell, Irritating Advertisements

Envision this: you’re having an astonishing discussion and blast! The air is destroyed when a promotion shows up. Not with GB WhatsApp Expert! You can talk away without being intruded on in this promotion-free shelter. Have an excellent, whole discussion with your companions

Multi-Record Wizardry

It very well may be hard to deal with different WhatsApp accounts. However, GB WhatsApp Ace is here to help. You can use two WhatsApp accounts on a comparable device, simplifying it to keep work and individual visits free. There’s no need to switch phones or move SIM cards around!

Media Sharing Made Wonderful

Media sharing is taken to new heights with GB WhatsApp Pro. Do you want to send numerous photographs at once? Forget about it! Send up to 100 pictures in one go. Also, recordings? You can share recordings up to 50 MB with no issues. Everything, without a doubt, revolves around productivity and comfort!

Remain Ahead with Standard Updates

GB WhatsApp Genius is not a one-hit wonder; everything revolves around ceaseless improvement. The developers put in a lot of effort through regular updates to bring you exciting features and bug fixes. As a result, you can anticipate a user-friendly and current messaging experience.

Here’s the arrangement: GB WhatsApp Master isn’t accessible on official application stores. It will have to come from external sources. Be mindful and download from trusted sites to shield your security and information.

Is GB WhatsApp Pro Safe and Anti-Ban

Let’s talk about the safety features of GB WhatsApp Pro. I understand that when you hear “modified version,” you might wonder, “Hmm, is it safe? Will I get prohibited?” Totally legitimate concerns, buddy. Be that as it may, dread not! The designers of GB WhatsApp Genius hardly view your security.

They’ve exceeded everyone’s expectations to assemble solidly against the boycott in the application. This indicates that measures have been taken to reduce WhatsApp’s likelihood of banning you. They want you to take advantage of GB WhatsApp Pro’s features without worrying about losing access to your WhatsApp account.

Here’s how things look: Even though GB WhatsApp Pro employs those anti-ban measures, it is still regarded as a third-party application. Also, you know how WhatsApp feels about that—they aren’t excessively blissful. Their terms of administration say utilizing outside applications can cause you problems.

How can I download GB WhatsApp Pro and install it for Android (2023 Updated Version)

We should get serious and get all of you set up with the most recent rendition for 2023. Be that as it may, hello! Before we take the plunge, I have to toss some security tips in your direction—we’re talking outsider applications! Follow the following procedure to download the official GB WhatsApp Pro Mod APK:

Step 1: Secure It

Navigate to the device’s settings first. Make your way to the “Security” or “Privacy” section and toggle on “Unknown Sources.” It would be best if you allowed GB WhatsApp Ace an opportunity to shine, which implies empowering the establishment from sources other than the authority application store.

Step 2: No tricks

Choose wisely where to obtain your GB WhatsApp Pro fix. Choose reliable sources like the official website for GB WhatsApp Pro or other well-known platforms. The preceding entity you need is a hi-tech migraine from some crude site, isn’t that so?

Step 3: Protect Your World

Do you cherish your media and chats? Me too! Do yourself a courtesy and endorse your WhatsApp data before investing in GB WhatsApp Pro. It’s greatest to be as careful as conceivable, old buddy!

Step 4: Get the Treats

It’s time to go chasing after the GB WhatsApp Master APK document. I assume you found a reliable source. Okay, download that magnificence and ensure you recall where you saved it.

Step 5: Get rid of the old

Is it time to level up? Express farewell to your standard WhatsApp for the present. To make room for the magic of GB WhatsApp Pro, uninstall that thing.

Step 6: Let the freshness out

Open your recorder, find that GB WhatsApp Expert APK you caught before, and tap on it to introduce. Merely follow to the television strategies, and presto! You’re nearly there!

Step 7: Embrace the Get-together

Recall that reinforcement? It’s time to take it back! At the point when you open GB WhatsApp Star, interestingly, it’ll inquire as to whether you want to reestablish your information from the reinforcement. If you say “yes,” your media and chats will remain intact, and you can resume business.

Step 8: Be Cool, Be You

Nearly there! During setup, GB WhatsApp Pro might ask for some permissions. Give it what it needs, and you’ll be ready to rock the GB WhatsApp Pro world! Don’t worry about it!

Is GB WhatsApp safe for video calls ?

GB WhatsApp, or WhatsApp Plus, is a changed variant of WhatsApp, and keeping in mind that numerous clients have used it for video calls without critical issues, there are some well-being contemplations to remember. GB WhatsApp might come up short on the same degree of safety and encryption as the official WhatsApp application, exposing your video calls to security risks.

Stay with the official WhatsApp app from the original developers if video call security is essential to you. The official app regularly updates its security measures to provide users with a more secure environment in which to communicate.

Is GB WhatsApp Pro free to download ?

Indeed, GB WhatsApp Master is regularly accessible as a free download. You can find the APK record on different sites at no cost. Nonetheless, remember that GB WhatsApp Genius is a changed rendition of WhatsApp, and utilizing it might disregard WhatsApp’s help. Additionally, some websites may charge for premium versions or additional services, even if the initial download is free.

Stick to respectable sources to stay away from any startling charges.

Keep in mind that while GB WhatsApp Master offers energizing elements, it’s fundamental to focus on your security and well-being while utilizing any informing application. If you use GB WhatsApp Pro, practice it with care and accountability. Have fun talking!

How can I download the GB WhatsApp app?

To download GB WhatsApp, you will not discover it on authorized application stores like the Google Play Store. GB WhatsApp is a changed variant of WhatsApp and is only accessible from outside sources. Follow this procedure for fast downloading:

  • First, ensure that “Obscure Sources” is enabled in your gadget settings to permit institutions from bases other than the specialist app store.
  • The GB WhatsApp APK file can be downloaded from a reliable source. Stick to respectable sites to evade any security perils.
  • Download the APK file and find it in the device’s document manual.
  • To start the installation, tap on the APK file.
  • Install GB WhatsApp on the device by succeeding the on-screen commands.
  • Open GB WhatsApp after it has been installed and go through the setup, including restoring your chats if you want to.

Ensure to practice alertness while downloading APK records from outside sources and utilize trusted sites to limit security chances.

Which WhatsApp app can read deleted messages?

Since my most recent knowledge update in September 2021, no WhatsApp version, not even the official one, has been able to read messages that other users have deleted. WhatsApp servers do not store deleted messages because the sender permanently deletes them from both the recipient’s and the sender’s devices. A few third-party applications can be used to read deleted messages.

There may be outside applications or administrations that claim to have such abilities. Still, it’s critical to have one or two severe misgivings about them, as they may be dangerous or disregard the terms of administration of WhatsApp.

Is GB WhatsApp Pro the same as GB WhatsApp ?

GB WhatsApp Master and GB WhatsApp are two different adaptations of WhatsApp, and they might accompany interesting highlights and functionalities. Although they are both modified versions of the original WhatsApp, they may have distinct developers, features, and user interfaces. However, they share some similarities.

The most effective way to know the particular distinctions between GB WhatsApp Genius and GB WhatsApp is to check the authority sites or confide in sources where you can track down data about every form.

Which WhatsApp is better than GB WhatsApp?

The thing that ultimately determines which WhatsApp application is “better” is what you are looking for. The official WhatsApp, created by WhatsApp Inc., is widely used, frequently updated, and prioritizes message encryption among its top security concerns.

Then again, the authority WhatsApp application might have fewer customization choices or elements than GB WhatsApp or GB WhatsApp Star. In any case, remember that utilizing changed variants accompanies a few expected risks, for example, the chance of safety imperfections or being prohibited by WhatsApp.

While seeking your choice, it’s essential to ponder the potential gains and disadvantages and study your specific necessities, including security, components, and insurance concerns. Regardless of which application you pick, reliably resolve alerts and download from strong sources while getting any illuminating application.

How Can I Track WhatsApp Chats from Another Phone?

Following another person’s WhatsApp visits without assent is deceptive and possibly unlawful in numerous locales. It disregards the protection and trust of the individual being checked. It is against ethical and legal guidelines to use spyware or monitoring applications that claim to track WhatsApp messages without authorization. To safeguard security and keep up with trust, it is crucial to regard others’ limits and avoid endeavoring to follow their confidential discussions.

How Can I See Deleted Call History ?

WhatsApp does not include a built-in feature to recover or view deleted call history as of my most recent update in September 2021. When call history is erased, it is permanently eliminated from the application, and there is no authoritative method for recovering it. It is vital to be mindful of outside applications or administrations professing to erase call history, as they might be untrustworthy or even pernicious.

An easy guide on how to set up a WhatsApp connection and share your WhatsApp contacts with others right away is provided below:

  1. Straightforward – open WhatsApp on your gadget.
  2. Now is the time to join the chat with the person you want to connect with.
  3. Click on the connection’s name at the top of the chat to access their profile.
  4. Look for the option that says “Offer Contact” or “Welcome to WhatsApp.”
  5. You could see choices like “Welcome to WhatsApp,” “Offer Contact,” or “Offer Contact Data” contingent upon your gadget and WhatsApp form.
  6. A menu for sharing will appear when you tap the appropriate option.
  7. Choose a means of sharing the link. You can send the association with the singular you want to invite through an illuminating application, email, or another technique.
  8. The association will contain the contact’s worldwide phone number close to the fitting URL. When the recipient clicks on the connection, WhatsApp will open a visit with the provided phone number.

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FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Send 2 GB on WhatsApp?

The maximum file size that can be sent via WhatsApp is limited as of my most recent update in September 2021. The entire record size for sharing on WhatsApp is commonly restricted to 100 MB for most document types.

Can I Use GB WhatsApp to Chat?

Absolutely! GB WhatsApp is a tweaked version of WhatsApp with additional customization choices and features. Like the standard WhatsApp, you can use GB WhatsApp to send messages, make voice and video calls, share media, and stay in touch with your loved ones.

Can You See Deleted Messages on GB WhatsApp?

The ability to view deleted messages is not available in GB WhatsApp or any of the other modified versions of WhatsApp. Like the authority of WhatsApp, when the source erases a message, it is permanently eliminated from both the shipper’s and beneficiary’s gadgets.


In conclusion, there is no doubt that the GB WhatsApp Pro APK provides various enticing features and enhancements that attract users looking for a messaging experience that is more personalized and richer in features. Moving toward using GB WhatsApp Star with wariness and awareness is fundamental.

While GB WhatsApp Genius might accompany invigorating choices like customization, security settings, and record size limits past the authority of WhatsApp, it is, as yet, an outside application. This way, it comes up short of the hearty security and encryption estimates given by the first WhatsApp created by WhatsApp Inc.

Besides, utilizing changed forms like GB WhatsApp Master might disregard WhatsApp’s help, possibly prompting a boycott or different results. When using third-party apps that are not officially endorsed, it is essential to prioritize privacy and data security.


Download GB WhatsApp Pro (Official) Latest Version 17.60 April 2024
GB WhatsApp Pro Download Latest Version 2023 2

GB WhatsApp Pro is a reworked version of the original WhatsApp Messenger that gives users a better messaging experience by adding numerous new features.

Operating System: Android 1.6

Application Category: App

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