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Create & share photos, stories, & reels with friends you love

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Version 18.0
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Instander is the most famous version in the Instander series of publisher thedise
Mod Version 18.0

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Instander APK Download : Latest Version 18.0 , 2024

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms and one of my primary online entertainment sources. Here, I receive the authentic, exciting material I search directly from celebrities and influencers that have come to my attention. As much as I like experiencing the lives of my friends and followers via the tales they post,

I enjoy sharing the events in my own life with them. Like many other social media networks, Instagram needs several essential user-experience aspects. As a result, developers have come up with their own, often superior, versions of these programs; Instander APK is the most promising Instagram replacement.

What is Instander ?

If you have the Instander APK, it’s like having a secret key to Instagram’s bonus features. You know how sometimes you find a great photo or video on Instagram, but you’d like to keep it, but you can’t since Instagram doesn’t allow you to? Here comes the Involuntary Hero to the rescue! Instanders make it simple to keep the media you care about.

As an additional bonus, I’ll tell you about IGTV videos, which are usually unavailable but are now available with Instander. However, that’s not all! The new Instagram Reels feature makes everything even more exciting.

With Instander, you can take your Instagram experience to a whole new level by using Reels to their full potential. You may finally get all you want out of Instagram with the help of the hidden utility Instander Mod APK. To improve your Instagram experience, it’s like having your very own superpower.

The Ultimate Feature of Instander APK

Instagram’s capabilities and related features are available in Instander, an Insta mod. It was primarily developed to provide a wide range of supplementary features that customers have been demanding but needed access to in the base app.

1- Ability to Download Media Files

 Instagram is one of my favorite internet sources for comedic video content. It’s the only place I’ve found to fulfill my obsessive craving for the funny pictures and videos known as “memes” and “vines,” yet the pleasure is always short-lived.  There are advantages to utilizing a third-party downloader, but they may be outweighed by the fact that it consumes more storage space and constantly displays adverts.

Downloading the Instander APK offline allows you to save photographs and videos to your device without installing the Instagram app. If you’re using a mobile phone, save any file you come across online by tapping the download button that displays next to it.

2- Intimate Friend Countdown

Sometimes, I would rather have everyone read my blogs or tales except the select few who would get the inside jokes. That’s my justification, but I’m sure others among you have more. But with the Instander APK, you may pick your closest friends from among your followers and share your tale with them.

You may make changes by adding or deleting persons from this friends list, and neither you nor they will be alerted. It’s common practice to add a unique label to shared media, like images and movies sent to pals on this list. Finally, those with whom you share will be able to see that you are communicating with select friends but cannot access the list itself.

3- Subjects Hide Lists of Stories

Sometimes, I don’t let specific people I don’t trust with my uploaded content see my tales for their privacy and to prevent unwanted snooping. With the Instander app, you may restrict access to any media—including live broadcasts—that you want to share on your Stories. Now that you know what is and isn’t allowed to be posted in the app, you can have fun making postings and letting the selected few view them.

4- Let People Reply to Messages

Everyone knows at least one person who is perpetually negative and eagerly awaits your next post so that they may share their unwelcome opinion in the comments section. Well, at least I have identified this problem (among others, I’m sure).

The regular Instagram platform makes avoiding this person’s negativity impossible because their posts always appear first. However, Using the Instander app, you can restrict who can reply to your messages by allowing or blocking answers.

5- Put Tale Away for Safekeeping

If your phone is complete and you want to avoid being continuously reminded of the videos and images you’ve stored, this is an alternative to consider. No one but you has access to the account password. Therefore, your photos on the phone are safe. Recordings of live shows can be kept in a private archive for 30 days.

6- Sharing

It’s OK if my fans and followers re-post my feed articles or IGTV videos to their own stories. In any case, this doesn’t apply to all of my blogs, which is why I appreciate this fantastic function of Instander APK. If you turn off this feature, other users cannot share your feed posts in their stories.

You may also choose whether or not other users can send you story-related photos and videos as private messages. At last, you may publish the images and videos from your narrative to your Facebook story right away, where they will be accessible to your Facebook friends.

7- No Commercials Appear in Bystander

When browsing their feeds, Instagram users may encounter sponsored advertisements and cannot turn off these posts. The data for playing and watching these advertisements is comparable to regular video playback. You can avoid distractions and focus on the content that matters most when downloading the Instander Android app. The ad block feature may be turned off in the settings menu.

8- Detailed Search Results

You can keep the fun going by checking out trending and widely-viewed videos on IGTV. Here, you may follow your favorite star on the app and see all the exciting videos they’ve posted. Using the search function, you can find a wide range of material on Instagram, not only IGTV videos.

This includes how-to videos, travel photos and videos, food photos and videos, works of art, fashion, and even TV shows and movies. Everyone can look into something new and discover the information they were previously unaware of.

9-  Reports and Analyses of Incidents

In the privacy settings, you can turn off analytics to prevent the app from utilizing any information it gathers about your in-app activities for analysis if you want the app to keep track of your usage so that it can customize its services. You can turn on this option. Finally, you can always report app crashes to the developers so they may update the faulty services or address the root cause of the problem.

10- Phantom Mode

There are a few options you may play with in “Ghost Mode” to make your profile seem more mysterious to your followers and their followers. Here, you may turn off typing status so that nobody you’re texting through the app will know you’re ordering, if you catch my drift. This comes in helpful when sending potentially harmful SMS messages.

If you want to hear other people’s life stories without drawing attention to yourself, the Instander app is an excellent option. Even the tale’s author won’t know if you’ve seen it, so there’s no need to worry about your viewing habits being exposed.

Finally, you should avoid looking rude by taking too long to reply to someone’s message. Utilizing the “Do not mark instantly as read’ option, you can read a DM from a contact and then close the app without them knowing you have done so.

11- Advances in Quality

You may enhance the quality of several different Instagram files using this Instander function, including:

The Highest Quality Photos, Videos, and Stories on IGTV. It’s good knowledge that Instagram reduces image quality by compressing photographs based on their screen width. However, you’ll need to switch on the ‘Photos in top quality’ option to see images in their original or maximum resolution format. You may now upload better-resolution pictures and videos than in the original Instagram app.

12- Clever Hand Signals

It’s easy to dismiss seemingly little details like gestures, but they’re part of a powerful formula that helps set specific platforms apart. The Instander app supports left and right swipes to navigate pages, a long touch to zoom in, and a double tap to like a photo. If the user so chooses, they can be deactivated entirely.

13- Music

It’s the fine points that make a difference. Therefore, there are plenty of additional tiny details worth considering. Many Instagram users place a premium on seeing their stories in full-screen mode. In addition to the usual likes, comments, and shares, you can crop articles, hide posts you’ve liked, and even click on links in the app’s built-in browser. The user can toggle the availability of all those functions.

14- Donate to Prove Your Identity

Now, I’m not referring to the official Instagram badge of verification. You can be confirmed as an Instander supporter if you donate to the developer after installing and using the app as a show of gratitude and support for the cause. If you utilized Instant, only other users could see your badge. Donate to the developer in whichever method is most convenient for you, mention your username in a remark, and then email the developer a snapshot of your donation and your username. You’ll need to hang tight till the badge arrives.

 15- Meet New People

There’s a chance that one of the people in your phone book is the one you’ll spend the rest of your life with. People who use Instagram may expand their social circles by following the accounts of their friends and acquaintances who also use the service.

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How to Download and Install the Instander APK

  • Select the APK file to download.
  • Stay patient as the download finishes.
  • Navigate to your file manager.
  • Go to the app’s APK page or type “Instander” into the search field.
  • Select the APK file and select either “cancel” or “install” from the two options. Elect to set up.
  • Go to your phone’s settings and toggle the “Allow from This Source” option if the message “Your Phone is not allowed to Install App From Unknown Sources” appears.
  • After waiting a while, return to the APK file and hit the Install option to download and install the software on your mobile device.


  • Save media files to your computer.
  • Alter the look and feel of the app to your liking.
  • Ad-free content.
  • See articles without revealing your identity.
  • Likes and feedback are also limitless.


  • In other words, it’s not an official Instagram app.
  • Instander is not without its dangers, such as the potential infection by malware or viruses.
  • The Google Play version is not now accessible.
  • Updates may be made slowly or seldom.
  • The app might have some hiccups or issues.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the use of Instander APK ?

The Instagram app with the most recent updates is the standard APK. You may get the newest Android Base Instander version without spending a dime. Instagram’s profile picture, videos, photos, and posts may all be saved using this app. Instander’s many improvements give its user a leg up on the competition compared to those who don’t utilize it.

Which is better: Instagram or Instander APK ?

The Instander app for Android is a free tweak to the popular Instagram app. It’s a far better system than the original software. The many enhancements in Instander offer its users a leg up on the competition on Instagram.

Is using install mod safe?

While the Instagram Modded app is technically third-party software, it is incredibly safe and straightforward. This means that these modifications are freely available for everyone to use.

Final words

An app’s restricted features prevent users from having the greatest possible online experience, but with tweaks like the Instander APK, Instagram may become part of a unique way of life. The app has some of the most sought-after social networking features, so get it now to start sharing incredible content with your followers.





Download Instander APK v18.0 (Official) Latest Version April 2024
Instander APK Download Latest Version 2023

I enjoy sharing the events in my own life with them. Like many other social media networks, Instagram needs several essential user-experience aspects.

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Application Category: APP

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