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Name Yo WhatsApp
Publisher Yousef Al-Basha
Genre WhatsApp
Size 70
Version 9.97
Update 1 day ago
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Yo WhatsApp is the most famous version in the Yo WhatsApp series of publisher Yousef Al-Basha
Mod Version 9.97

Whats New

• You can now send higher resolution images in chat. To get started, tap the ‘HD’ button when previewing media before sending.
• Screen sharing is now supported in video calls. Start a video call and tap on the new “screen share” button to get started.

These features will roll out over the coming weeks. Thanks for using WhatsApp!
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YO WhatsApp APK Download: Latest Version 9.97 2024 with Exclusive Feature 

We’ll discuss the latest and greatest version of What Sapp today, the Yo WhatsApp APK. Read this article to learn about the latest updates and get instructions on downloading the app. The optimized WhatsApp build is the result of extensive customization. Also, you won’t find it on the Play Store, but you may get it from other sources.

You must be careful about getting the appropriate App bundle when downloading it. In any other case, you risk installing unwanted software on your computer. WhatsApp’s   end-to-end encryption swiftly encircled the globe once it arrived on the scene of internet communication.

The key advantages were the delivery confirmation and the read receipt blue marks. WhatsApp’s messaging service used to cost money, but it eventually became free. But they wanted more functionality. That’s why developers built customized versions of WhatsApp.

 What is the YO WhatsApp APK?

Yo WhatsApp APK is a popular alternative to the original version of WhatsApp. Several capabilities here aren’t available in WhatsApp’s official client. After developing the WhatsApp add-on (YOWA), Yousef Al-Basha passed the torch to Fouad Mokdad.

There is no cost associated with getting and using the software. The WhatsApp YO adds several features to the original app that were cut from the official release. This modified release adds functionality such as profile editing and privacy controls. In addition, it has all of WhatsApp’s official capabilities.

Since both the original and modified versions of WhatsApp function identically, there is no need to choose between them. However, the mod’s comprehensive features have drawn tens of thousands of players.

These unique options allow for extensive personalization. However, to help you know more about YO WhatsApp, further in this post, I have revealed its excellent qualities.

What is the Yo WhatsApp APK Feature?

The following functions are exclusive to the most recent version of the Yo WhatsApp APK: These are the most recent updates to these features, as we often provide new information about YoWa on our website. Check out these excellent options:

Message Scheduler

 What do you do if you need to remind someone to do something at a particular time, but you’re going to be preoccupied then? What if you miss their message or something? The scheduled message is appropriate here.

You can choose who to contact, when, and what to say. At the specified time, Yo WhatsApp will immediately send your message to all the contacts you’ve selected. Don’t stress if you must send a message at that moment.

Message Any Number

You can only use the official WhatsApp app to send messages to someone if you already have their number saved in your contacts. That’s a time-consuming procedure. But on Yo WhatsApp, you may message any number without saving it in your contacts.

Select “Message a Number” from the menu that can be accessed by tapping the three dots in the upper-right corner. To begin chatting, dial the number in the accompanying display window. The inputted number’s discussion will open immediately.

Customizing Themes

 WhatsApp’s themes are static, and there aren’t too many. However, Yo WhatsApp has stunning live pieces. Anime, the great outdoors, automobiles, models, superheroes, mermaids, animals, cartoons, dragons, and video games are just a few accessible subject areas.

Dragons flying, Minions laughing, the Guru dancing, Interstellar, Godzilla in the city, Dark Souls, and Inari Waifu as wallpaper for your home screen and conversations. These songs are beautiful, right?

Self-Destructive Messages

 Do you want your buddy to see or read what you sent him but want to avoid continuing the conversation once he has? Then you’ll be able to send yourself deleted messages. Once your buddy reads one of these messages, it will be removed from future conversations between you.

See Deleted Messages and Status

 It isn’t delightful when some of our friends send us messages only to delete them before we get a chance to read them. We’re intrigued by what they may have communicated, but when we inquire about what they may have erased, they respond, “Nothing.” How much more irritating could this be? Okay, then let them. WhatsApp is in your possession.

Turn on the “Anti-delete message” option in your settings. A user’s deletion of a message will not affect your copy in the conversation history. The same may be said about profiles. You may view them as well.

Send Photos and Status in the Highest Resolution

 When you send a picture or update your status using the official WhatsApp, the quality is reduced to 80% for compression purposes. In contrast, this MOD allows users to post and share photos without lowering their rate. Access the Global Options menu in Yo. Select “Send Photos and Status in Best Quality” and confirm.

Media Limitation

 In the official version of WhatsApp, you are limited to sending just 30 media files, none of which may be larger than 16 MB. With this modification, however, that limit is 80 MB.

In addition, you may choose as many files as you’d like to upload and distribute. Pick 50 or 100 files at once, and then send them to others in a flash. There is no need to repeatedly choose files before sending them.

Forward Messages to up to 250+ Chats

 You’ve chosen to send your message to five people. Repeatedly going through the same motions to send a message to twenty people. A lengthy operation. Have no fear. This update allows you to send a message to up to 300 people simultaneously.

Backup Chats and Settings

 You’d be wrong if you were comparing it to the official WhatsApp. Then I’m apologetic for breaking it to you. Yo WhatsApp also works with Mega and Dropbox, whereas the official app only works with Google Drive. Any of these cloud services will safely save your conversations and preferences.

Download DP and Status

 Many times, our friends publish fantastic images and movies on their statuses. The status download needs to be completed since there is no such option in the canonical release.

Yo WhatsApp designed this excellent function so users might get amusing status updates from their contacts. The user’s profile photo can be downloaded as well. If you open a status or profile picture, you’ll find a download option in the corner of the screen.

Find the real-time Location of Your Friend

 The ability to track a friend’s whereabouts is built-in. To use this function, select the location icon in the menu bar. You may send whatever kind of camouflage card you choose. You are free to include any link on this card. Your friend’s location will be tracked by Yo WhatsApp and sent to you as soon as he clicks on the link.

DND Mode

“DND” stands for “Do Not Disturb.” When this setting is active, no one on the app can contact you, see your profile, or send you messages. Additionally, your communications will be blocked.

It will be the same as if you were offline. It’s helpful if you want some peaceful time to play games or watch a movie. It is also unnecessary to stop using the internet.

Hide Chats

 You can utilize this function if you share your phone with someone else and don’t want them to read specific conversations. The app’s contact list won’t show the recipient either. Tap the chat’s title on the home screen, input the password, and then open the conversation. You can only read the secret talks if you know the password.

Hide Blue Ticks

 The recipient must know that you have viewed their message via the official app. Sure, no sweat. It’s possible to read texts without anyone knowing. There won’t be a trust symbol in WhatsApp. You can also conceal the second tick to give the impression that you are unavailable.

Freeze Last Seen

 With WhatsApp’s “Freeze last seen” option, you may make it appear as though you’re not online or using the app between two specified times. When you enable this function, the last time you were seen will be recorded this feature comes in handy when you don’t want other people to know you’re online.

DIY Theme

 Do it yourself? In other words, DIY. And you may make your own theme using DIY Theme. Yo WhatsApp is very adaptable. You may alter anything from the wallpaper to the text, colour, style, icons, slider, avatar, tab bar, background colour, chat lists, status layouts, and floating buttons.

The chat boxes, size, colour, input structure, highlighted messages, and everything else may be changed to suit your preferences. You are allowed to alter it in any way that works for you.


Yo WhatsApp is the best when it comes to privacy functions. You may conceal your double tick, blue tick, and last seen from others, among other privacy options. That person’s message will still have a single tick on your end of the conversation. Interesting? This will allow you to read anyone’s message while making it appear like you haven’t. This is a great tool for reducing workload..

 No Root

 While root access is often necessary to install a mod, this is not true with Yo WhatsApp Download. You expose your Android device to hacker compromise when you root it.

This is why better ideas exist than installing software that demands superuser privileges. Yo Wa may thus be established in the same way that any other.APK file is.

Dual WhatsApp

 Yo WhatsApp APK allows you to use Dual WhatsApp. You can’t have two WhatsApp instances running simultaneously on the same mobile device. However, the Yo WhatsApp  APK download is available with a different package name, allowing you to install it alongside the official WhatsApp client on any mobile device.

Both the official app and this one will require the second number. If you also get the Business Edition from the Play Store, you may use WhatsApp twice as often.

Send Lots of Media Files

 WhatsApp allows you to transfer media in many different formats. However, sending several media files simultaneously is not feasible with WhatsApp. Yo WhatsApp is a free alternative to WhatsApp that supports sending videos up to 700MB in size.

Video to GIF: up to 30 seconds

 WhatsApp’s video-to-GIF tool is fascinating but limited to only 6 seconds. Thanks to Yo WhatsApp, we can stop worrying about the clock.

Uncompressed picture quality

If you enjoy showing off your images to others, you will love this function. You may now transmit uncompressed photographs to your friends and family. Furthermore, your friends may now view your pictures in higher resolution. Moreover, you may simultaneously email up to ten photos.

Caller ID

 Strangers’ phone calls are not uncommon. There is usually a hidden agenda behind at least some of these calls. Examples include sexual harassment, sales, and loans. Yo WhatsApp Caller ID is a great option to reduce interruptions without missing important calls. This function helps deal with unwanted calls and spam texts since it can detect unknown numbers and then block them.

Avoiding Incoming Calls

 WhatsApp calls may be frustrating, especially when you’re in a meeting or sleepy, and you can only sometimes escape the scenario. Yo WhatsApp allows you to prevent calls from specific numbers.

Using this feature, you may disconnect from work and appreciate the season. We also caution against overusing this function on a single person for fear of overlooking vital information.

Show Blue Ticks After Replying

 Have you ever skimmed your friends’ texts while you were too busy to respond? When your friends see the little blue check mark that indicates they’ve viewed your message but hasn’t heard back from you, it might make them feel bad.

This function eliminates the need for the vice. The blue checkmark will only appear for your buddy once you respond to the message.

7-minute Video Status

 Video status updates are more popular, though it’s rare for them to run up to 7 minutes in length. The information presented in your films may now be more effectively conveyed.

Leave a Group Secretly

 The official WhatsApp will notify everyone in the group that you have left, even if the group has no significance. You will feel some shame because of this. Avoiding this sort of social faux pas is something Yo WhatsApp excels at. The administrator is the only person informed of your departure from the group.

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How Do I Download the Yo WhatsApp APK App

The Yo WhatsApp com.yowa package is currently the only package of its kind. This is correct; the official developer, Yousef, has left the project, and the replacement developer, Fouad, is focused on just one package.

Currently, each mobile device can only have one active Yo WhatsApp.. Previously, there were the com.yowa packages. The developer has discontinued the distribution of subsequent packages; therefore, only the initial one is accessible.

New users should know that before installing it, as many sites don’t bother updating their content even when they link to outdated software packages. You may move through with the mod installation now that it is on your mobile device.

But how do you set it up? It’s okay if you have no experience with modifications. First, we’ll go through what kind of Android device you must have to install and download Yo WhatsApp.

How to Install Yo WhatsApp APK?

  • First, verify that you have the Yo WhatsApp APK file downloaded from the URL provided above.
  • The APK should have been downloaded to your downloads area.
  • Select the application package file (.APK) and hit the “Install” button.
  • The setup procedure will begin shortly; please be patient.
  • Select “Open” after the installation is complete.
  • To use YoWA, enter your phone number and click the NEXT button.
  • Select the OK option when asked whether or not you want to get an OTP.
  • If you have supplied a valid mobile phone number, you will be prompted to input a six-digit verification code sent to that number.
  • When WhatsApp asks if you want to restore from a backup, choose Restore if you already made one. Don’t fret if you can’t find this option; it will become visible once a backup has been established.
  • Create a Profile Picture and Name, then continue
  • At long last, WhatsApp is all setup and ready to go.


  • Yo WhatsApp’s customization options range from changing the app’s style, typeface, and colors to adding stickers and other features.
  • They provide options like hiding your online status, last seen, and profile image to protect your privacy.
  • Yo WhatsApp’s features include anti-delete and anti-ban protections and the ability to communicate bigger files than can be sent using the original WhatsApp client.


  • Contrary to Canon, There is a chance that Yo WhatsApp APK contains viruses or may be terminated because it is not the official version of WhatsApp.
  • May violate terms of service: Using Yo WhatsApp might violate WhatsApp’s terms of service, which could result in your account being banned.
  • Unreliable: Users have said that Yo WhatsApp APK  frequently crashes and presents other issues, making it less reliable than the original WhatsApp client.


What is the difference between WhatsApp and Yo WhatsApp?

Yo WhatsApp, for the uninitiated, is a heavily modified WhatsApp variant that adds many new capabilities to the standard version. The software provides many personalization options.

Which version of Yo WhatsApp is best?

The optimized WhatsApp build is the result of extensive customization. It’s not available on Google’s Play Store, but it’s easy to track it down elsewhere. You must exercise caution when selecting the Yo WhatsApp APK file to download.

Final Words

WhatsApp is crucial for modern communication, and Yo WhatsApp offers new features and increased anonymity. However, it has potential risks, such as account bans from WhatsApp Plus and data deletion. Before installing, consider all options carefully and consider Yo WhatsApp’s features.


Download Yo WhatsApp APK v9.97 (Anti-ban) Latest Version April 2024
Yo WhatsApp Feature Image

We'll discuss the latest and greatest version of What Sapp today, the Yo WhatsApp APK. Read this article to learn about the latest updates and get free.

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