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Name Aero Insta
Publisher Hazar Bozkurt
Genre Instagram
Size 71
Version v23.0.2
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Aero Insta is the most famous version in the Aero Insta series of publisher Hazar Bozkurt
Mod Version v23.0.2
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  Aero Insta Download : Latest Version 23.0.2 , 2024

  Everyone who likes “Instagram reels.” The good news I bring you is astounding. Bozkurt Hazar designed the most practical Instagram app to help you. Yes, today we will provide you with the latest and greatest Instagram MOD app, which has many more unique features than the original Instagram. Follow through with the post if you want to learn more about Aero Insta APK and its unique features.

Aero Insta APK is an Insta Mod that builds on the functionality already available on the original Instagram app by allowing users access to several additional, previously closed options. Let’s pretend you’re crafting a direct message (DM) for someone. Instagram’s default settings allow the recipient to see what you type before you send it.

Your every click is visible to them if they are online and in your DM.  The issue is that when you discover that you’ve accidentally written anything they shouldn’t see, they’ll have already read it all attentively. The AeroInsta APK works to improve these and other areas where the software falls short, including protecting users’ privacy.

This modification seeks to address several issues with the original app, including but not limited to the following: advertisements, a large variety of themes to suit the preferences of individual users, download capabilities, configurations and settings related to posts and stories, and several helpful tools that allow users to browse the platform incognito.

The Ultimate Features of this app

This Instagram update is packed with valuable extras. It has many Wealthy features, and This mod version protects your eyes from strain.  some of which are outlined below. So Let’s see!

  • Profile Picture Zooming
  • Dark Themes
  • Customization
  • Media Downloading
  • Ghost Mode
  • Cover Up Ads
  • Video Playback, Forward or Reverse
  • App and Web Browser Preinstalled
  • App Lock
  • Download with Double Tap
  • Personalization of Intake
  • Fast forward and rewind videos
  • Let’s dive into the details.

 1- Profile Picture Zooming

One of the crucial features of this app is that Aero Insta’s full-screen mode is a breeze to use. For use, Double-tap the DP to toggle between zoom levels.

2- Dark Themes:

You can only choose between two aesthetic options in Instagram’s official builds. To counter this, the developers of the Aero Instagram APK have incorporated many black-and-dark color schemes.

3- Customization

The fantastic feature of this app is the Adjustments to your profile Customization options for the user interface, posts, chat, homepage, and notifications.

4- Media Downloading

The Aero Insta mod streamlines downloading videos, photos, and stories from Instagram. It’s frustrating when somebody takes a screenshot or records your screen and then edits the data before sharing it with their peers. Therefore, a single click may save media files to the gallery.

5- Ghost Mode

Some followers are concerned about their personal information and want to keep spying on themselves. Therefore, you should get the AeroInsta APK and immediately turn on the stealth mode. Avoid the “view” button by reading other people’s private messages.

6- Cover-Up Ads

Ads popping up as you navigate the page are distracting and annoying. You will be happy to know that Advanced users of the Aero Instagram APK may be able to prevent advertisements.

7- Video Playback, Forward, or Reverse

One of the important aspects of this app is that Aero Instagram lets you review or rewind videos at your leisure. Fast-forwarding will help you save time. I know you will like this feature very much.

8- App and Web Browser Preinstalled:

You may do web searches without leaving Aero Instagram since the most recent version has a browser. Additionally, it comes with a secure app locker pre-loaded. The app lock is no longer required. It’s improved the app’s safety.

9- App Lock

Do you know? This APK also has a built-in locking function that prevents you from using it with other applications. This feature is amazing.

10- Download with Double Tap

This function may be activated in the Insta Aero APK’s General Settings. It’s the option labeled “Download media on double tap.” Double-tapping on the choice lets you quickly download media and choose the desired quality for each file.

11-  Personalization of Intake:

Your feed preferences may be adjusted accordingly. Shortcuts may be created for downloading media, and tapping three times on a post will zoom in. In addition, you have control over the media’s autoplay behavior.

12- Fast forward and rewind videos

Are You excited about the app’s most interesting feature? The feature was fast-forward and rewind videos. Instagram videos may be quickly and easily navigated to specific points by pushing and swiping on any video.

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How to Download and Install of Aero Insta

 The app is easy to install but is unavailable on the Google Play store. Follow these simple instructions to install the latest version of the Aero Insta app on your Android smartphone.

You may acquire the file by clicking the download icon up there.

1- You may access a page by selecting it from your saved bookmarks if you’ve downloaded it.

2- Selecting Install will prompt your device to check whether you want to install software from an untrusted source.

3- Activate that choice.

4- We’re ready to begin the setup process. Hold on a second.

5- Aero Instagram app for your Android device.

6- If you already have an Instagram account, sign into the app after installation. And make use of the opportunities it provides.

Pros And Cons

Now, we will see some pros and cons of this app.


  • You may conceal your likings (for anonymity)
  • Conveniently, tales may be downloaded.
  • Individualized layouts (personalization)
  • Account consolidation (productivity)
  • This site is ad-free.


  • Contrary to official policy (dangerous).
  • It may not work with your gadget of choice.
  • Potentially complicated setup process.
  • It likely needs to be updated more than the official app.
  • Instagram has the option of banning it.

Frequently Asked Question

 Q 1- Is it Available in the Play Store?

 It’s not on Google Play because an outside developer made it. Follow the steps above to get it on your computer.

Q 2- Is Aero Insta safe to use?

 Yes, it is entirely safe to set up and use. You can use this app without any hesitation. So, Download this app and get a beautiful experience.

Q 3- Is the Aero Insta app Paid?

 No, it’s free and comes in many packages, but to install package 1, you’ll first need to delete Instagram from your device. Package 2 is an Instagram replica; you may run two program instances simultaneously. Identical to Instagram but with the added flexibility of having two instances open simultaneously.


In Short, It’s safe to use this software. It’s likely a great chance, too. A chance for GB to shine on Instagram. It can do many different things and is a big help to the creator. Have fun and find enjoyment in all its fascinating and hip features. You have successfully installed the app and are now enjoying its many benefits.

Aero Insta APK v23.0.2 Download (Official) Latest Version April 2024
AeroInsta APK Latest Version

Aero Insta is an Mod Version of Official Instagram, It have Extra Features like ,Profile Picture Zooming, Dark Themes ,Customization ,Media Downloading ,Ghost Mode Cover Up Ads etc

Operating System: Android 1.6

Application Category: APP

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5/5 - (1 vote)

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