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Name FM WhatsApp
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Size 55
Version 9.97
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FM WhatsApp is the most famous version in the FM WhatsApp series of publisher Fouad MODS
Mod Version 9.97

Whats New

• You can now send higher resolution images in chat. To get started, tap the ‘HD’ button when previewing media before sending.
• Screen sharing is now supported in video calls. Start a video call and tap on the new “screen share” button to get started.

These features will roll out over the coming weeks. Thanks for using WhatsApp!
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FM WhatsApp APK Download: 2024 Latest Version 9.97 

In the field of communication apps, sensational exposure has become evident in the form of the FM WhatsApp APK Download. Let me inform you that according to the 2023 update, a remarkable ad-free and virus-free version has been provided, offering a fantastic experience to users.

In this, you are offered robust privacy measures. Furthermore, you can personalize the theme as per your choice. Also, you’ll have access to explore diverse emojis of your selection. Utilizing these advanced features, spice up your chats for more excitement in online conversations!

FM WhatsApp Modded Version 9.97 (2024)

The widespread acclaim of FM WhatsApp APK Download modded version 9.74 is soaring for a good reason. Predominantly, this is due to its myriad of countless features, with a particular focus on security, and user experience, making it the apple of users’ eyes. As a modified version, it entails more features than the original app.

The famous characteristic of FM WhatsApp APK download is that you can modify the app’s layout to your utmost delight. You can change colors and various elements per your preferences, making it truly a piece of cake to personalize your experience.

What Is The Use Of FM WhatsApp ? 

The primary purpose of FM WhatsApp is to serve as a replacement for the official WhatsApp program. Due to its expanded capabilities, users who want greater control over their chatting experience frequently choose FM WhatsApp Mod APK. The software is accessible to a more enormous user base thanks to its compatibility with Android and iOS operating systems. Like WhatsApp, it allows users to interact with their friendships, communicate via messages, create voice and video chats, exchange multimedia files, and more.

Why Use FM WhatsApp APK  ?

FM WhatsApp APK is a well-known modded version of the official WhatsApp created for Android smartphone users. It offers users greater privacy control with a variety of valuable features. Another exciting feature is FM WhatsApp’s massive library of editable themes, which lets users customize their messaging insight.

It’s critical to remember that a third-party developer created it. It provides a unique modification for users seeking extra freedom in their chatting devices. One of FM WhatsApp’s main benefits is its anti-ban feature, which lowers the chance of getting banned from WhatsApp whenever you use a modified version.

FM WhatsApp’s Latest Version Features

  • Freeze Your Last Scene
  • Hide Blue Ticks Before You Reply To Sender
  • Supports Dual WhatsApp Account
  • Anti-Delete Status
  • Fonts and Styles
  • Hide Typing & Recording Action Text
  • Hide View Status In FM WhatsApp
  • Emoji Variant
  • Fonts and Styles
  • Customized Chat Locks
  • Enhanced Status Characters Limits
  • Multi-Account Support

Let’s dive into the details.

Freeze Your Last Scene   

The most jaw-dropping feature of FM WhatsApp APK Download is the ability to freeze your last seen, meaning no one can view your activity, even if they wish to. Freezing the last seen is a privacy feature that empowers users to take matters into their own hands. It puts them in the driver’s seat regarding their online presence. It’s like having the ball in your court regarding your visibility to others.

Hide Blue Ticks Before You Reply To Sender  

The hide blue tick feature in FM WhatsApp is a game-changer, especially for users who may find it challenging to reply to messages during busy situations. With this nifty functionality, you can now conceal the blue tick. It’s like a magician’s cloak that allows you to hide the telltale sign of message visibility.

Supports Dual WhatsApp Account 

This app presents an unparalleled capability to run dual WhatsApp accounts. With two SIM cards, no separate account creation is needed – FM WhatsApp APK Download handles both effortlessly. You can seamlessly manage two accounts through a single app. It’s a golden chance for individuals in the business field as they stand to benefit immensely, excluding the necessity to download two separate applications.

Anti-Delete Status

In the FM WhatsApp APK download, another phenomenal feature is anti-delete status. This marvelous functionality allows you to catch all those messages that someone had uploaded and later deleted. It’s like having a second chance to see what might have disappeared.

Fonts and Styles

FM WhatsApp has a cutting-edge and inspiring feature of fonts and styles catering to those who adore different writing styles. With this incredible functionality, you smoothly alter your typing style according to your tastes and use various colors to add a vibrant touch to your texts. It’s like having a palette of creativity at your fingertips, making your messages stand out.

Discover the latest gem in FM WhatsApp’s latest version – an exciting addition that enables you to add a personal touch to your chats by changing the font style. With an extensive collection of over 500 font styles, you can now express yourself in a way that reflects your unique personality and preferences.

Hide Typing & Recording Action Text

Embracing modernity, FM WhatsApp unveils an extraordinary feature in which, while messaging someone, your typing and recording text can be hidden, freeing you from the obligation of giving a prompt response. Such a feature, unfortunately, remains absent in the original app.

Hide View Status In FM WhatsApp

Some people here want to view others’ status in their contacts without being noticed. Keeping this concern in mind, FM WhatsApp has introduced yet another remarkable feature called hide view status, enabling you to check others’ status covertly without triggering any notifications.

Emoji Variant

Unlike the original app, which offers a limited selection of emojis, FM WhatsApp stands out by providing a delightful emoji variation feature. This enchanting addition empowers users with a broad spectrum of the latest emojis, sparking boundless creativity and emotions in their texts.

Customized Chat Locks

FM WhatsApp offers further privacy by enabling users to lock particular chats using one-of-a-kind passwords or patterns. This additional layer of privacy ensures that meaningful discussions remain secret, protecting sensitive and personal data.

Enhanced Status Characters Limits

FM WhatsApp increases the character limitation for update statuses from the default 139 characters in WhatsApp, allowing users to say themselves more fully in their status updates. Thanks to this function, the ability to communicate longer updates, stories, or emotions with friends promotes creativity.

Multi-Account Support

Fm WhatsApp offers perfect multi-account capability on one device to meet the demands of those managing several accounts. This functionality minimizes the need for numerous devices and improves user messaging experience, whether they keep their personal and business messages separate or keep different profiles.

How To Download FM WhatsApp APK: Installation Guide

While observing all the existing features in the latest version of FM WhatsApp, you can confidently download it from our website. While keeping all the current components in the newest version of FM WhatsApp, you can confidently download it from our website. For your convenience, an installation guide has been prepared, divided into three steps that are easy to follow.

Step 1. First, click on the FM WhatsApp download button; afterward, it is imperative to maintain the activation of unknown resources consistently. Having completed these steps, cultivate patience until the download and installation process concludes.

Step 2. Upon completing this process, an account creation is required, replicating the steps you took on the initial app. After completing all essential steps, you will see a restore button on the side. By clicking on it, all your first files will be safely preserved.

Step 3. After completing the restoration process, in this sequence, a final step emerges in which, Primarily, agreeing to all the terms and services becomes crucial. Having done that, you will add your mobile number and enter the verification code sent to it. Thus, your app will be up and running.

Difference Between Official WhatsApp And FM WhatsApp


FeatureOfficial WhatsAppFM WhatsApp
SourceDeveloped by WhatsApp Inc.Third-party mod based on WhatsApp’s original code
CustomizationLimited themes and customization optionsExtensive themes, fonts, and appearance customization options
Privacy SettingsBasic privacy options (last seen, read receipts)Advanced privacy controls (hide online status, anti-delete messages)
File SharingLimited file size for media (photos, videos)Up to 1GB file sharing support for media and documents
SecurityRegular updates and official security measuresSecurity concerns due to unofficial sources and potential malicious mods
Message SchedulingNot availableSchedule messages for future delivery
Anti-Delete MessagesNo option to view deleted messagesView messages even if the sender deletes them
Status Character LimitStatus updatesThe expanded character limit for status updates
DND ModeMute specific chats or groupsDo Not Disturb mode to silence all notifications and calls


Difference between GB WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp 

FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp, extensively customized editions, deliver exceptional performance beyond comparison. Amidst these contrasting aspects, GB WhatsApp Pro takes the lead, showcasing a tad superior and contemporary performance in its array of features. Whereas FM WhatsApp excels in terms of security features compared to GB.

Tips And Tricks For FM WhatsApp APK

Here, we will provide some tips and tricks about the WhatsApp APK that you can apply to make better use of it. Let’s go through these tips and tricks.

  • Customize themes, fonts, chat backgrounds, and colors.
  • Hide online status for discreet browsing.
  • Lock specific chats for added privacy.
  • Enable anti-delete messages to retain deleted messages.
  • Use the message scheduler for automatic message sending.
  • Activate Do Not Disturb (DND) mode for uninterrupted focus.
  • View others’ status updates anonymously with “Hide View Status.”
  • Manage multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device.
  • Take advantage of the expanded status character limit.
  • Share large media files and diverse formats.
  • Set auto-reply messages to inform contacts about unavailability.
  • Enhance group management with additional features.
  • Secure the app with a built-in app lock.
  • Regularly backup and restore data.
  • Check for updates from trusted sources.

Pros And Cons Of FM WhatsApp APK Download


  • FM WhatsApp is free to download; it is ad-free and anti-ban.
  • With this, you can effortlessly share heavy files.
  • Unleashing your creativity, this app empowers you to fashion a theme that reflects your unique style and individuality.
  • You can share many pictures in this, surpassing the original app’s capacity.


  • The most significant drawback of FM WhatsApp is that your privacy lies in the hands of the app’s developer, meaning they can access and view all your messages and call records.
  • One more drawback lies in FM WhatsApp’s feature-rich environment, which may cause occasional slowdowns in its performance.

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FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Meaning of FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp, which stands for Frequency Modulation WhatsApp, is a customized app that elevates your user experience by offering top-notch performance and cutting-edge features, surpassing the capabilities of the original WhatsApp application.

FM WhatsApp Is Safe Or Not?

Embarking on the journey of using FM WhatsApp APK Downloader may spark concerns about its safety. Fear not, for this app is deemed entirely secure, and no reports of data breaches have ever surfaced. While the developer can access your data, they are responsible for ensuring its utmost security, leaving protection in their hands.

Why Can’t I Install FM WhatsApp?

A notable problem arises for numerous users when downloading FM WhatsApp due to their inclination towards unofficial versions. Consequently, they find themselves grappling with vexations. Employing an unofficial version of the app on their mobile or any other device prompts it to abstain from functioning, a protective measure to avert potential damage.

Can You Download FM WhatsApp On Your iPhone?

The current version of FM WhatsApp poses a limitation for iPhone users. The primary cause for this limitation is that iPhones lack the essential integrated capability required to support FM WhatsApp. Consequently, users of these devices cannot access and use this app.

FM WhatsApp APK download is legal in almost all countries, and a significant reason for its widespread acceptance is its commitment to data privacy. Unlike many other apps, FM WhatsApp doesn’t mishandle your information; instead, it takes special care to keep all your data safe and secure.

Is FM WhatsApp Available In the Play Store?

Let us inform you that the new FM WhatsApp APK Download version is unavailable on the Google Play Store. To get your hands on it, you’ll need to rely on third-party apps, and rest assured, downloading from here is both effortless and convenient.


Users can reap numerous benefits by utilizing FM WhatsApp APK Download and making the most of its excellent features. Especially for Android users, this app is a true blessing. One can inject exciting designs into their app’s layout with theme customization. By offering innovative privacy features such as text hiding and blue tick concealment, FM WhatsApp elevates users’ privacy to new heights.


In every respect, this app stands head and shoulders above the rest, truly a cut above the rest. So what are you waiting for? Download it swiftly and relish the delights of contemporary WhatsApp features. The download button is perched above, ready for your click!



FM WhatsApp APK Download v9.74 (official) Latest Version April %currentyear
Fm WhatsApp APK Download latest Version 2023

FM WhatsApp is mod Version of Official , Its has Amazing features Hide last seen , Read delete massages, hide status seen, etc

Operating System: Android 1.6

Application Category: App

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